Unfortunately, in many cases landlords won’t pursue a tenant in court for breaking lease terms. This means, speaking with a past landlord may be the only way to verify late payments, past damages, or history of breaking lease terms. Therefore, getting first-hand information from a previous landlord can help you make the right rental decision.

If you have multiple verifications you need to process at one time you may find yourself overwhelmed trying to track down landlords or property management companies for the information you need. We can help you by attempting contact multiple times and working with apartment communities or landlords to release pertinent information. Contact us at (866) 272-8400 to get landlord verifications added to your order for only $16.95.

Our landlord verification includes verification of timely payments, damages, maintenance of the residence, and other information related to rental history listed below. Once the landlord verification is complete, you’ll receive an email notifying you the report is available online. The process usually takes 1-3 business days.

Landlord Verifications include:

  • Owner or management name
  • Timely payments
  • Tenant-caused damages
  • Maintained residence
  • Rent to again
  • Lease start date
  • Lease end date
  • Monthly rent amount
  • Number in household
  • Problems with neighbors
  • Pets
  • Evictions filed
  • Landlord relationship to tenant