The Clover Check Acceptance previously known as TeleCheck Check Verification Service helps landlords and property managers identify good check writers from bad ones. Armed with national databases containing real-time information from more than 306,000 businesses and financial institutions, TeleCheck offers the most accurate check verification service in the industry. These databases provide landlords and property managers with continually updated information including bad check activity as it occurs, automated inquiries using the consumer’s identification (Driver’s License or State ID) as well as checking account data.

TeleCheck’s verification systems reduce the likelihood of multiple fraudulent transactions and also help detect fraud in progress.

TeleCheck quickly separates good and bad check risks using TeleCheck’s negative database. This database comprises more than 51 million bad check records, enabling landlords and property managers to make informed, reliable decisions regarding each check received.

  • Reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions
  • Enables the adoption of a more liberal check acceptance policy
  • Provides use of national databases with real-time information