An Eviction History Report helps to prevent the costly and time-consuming process of having to evict a tenant from your property in the future.

Our Eviction History Reports includes civil data collected from county level courts when a judgment for possession of property is filed. We also cross reference all previous addresses your applicant may have lived to verify results.

Another familiar name for evictions is a “Judgment for Possession Only” or a “Judgment for Possession and Restitution”. For “Judgment for Possession Only”, there is no money award, it is just for possession of the property. These types of evictions are the most common and do not appear on tenant screening credit reports. The only way to discover if a tenant has been evicted with a “Judgment for Possession Only” is to pull an Eviction History Report.

The other type of eviction, “Judgment for Possession and Restitution”, does include a monetary award and sometimes will appear on the credit report as well.

An Eviction History Report Includes:

  • Plaintiff
  • Defendant
  • Rental address
  • Date filed
  • Judgment date
  • Judgment, if any
  • Case number
  • County and state