Integrate Tenant Screening Into Your Website

An API is perfect if you are looking to fully integrate TenantAlert’s tenant screening data into your current website or property management software. With an API, your team designs the pages rental applicants see and how and where the data is displayed to your staff. This is ideal for companies that want to completely customize and control their rental applicants’ experience.

There is no cost to access our API documents, we simply request that you sign a non-disclosure agreement and become underwritten by at least one major credit bureau.

Our easy to implement API allows you to access data for credit and tenant screening reports instantly. Once you have the API set up, you will receive an invoice every 30 days for the data accessed. Pricing for reports provided via the API varies depending on your expected volume.  If you do not have a development team to program an API integration, you may want to set up a white label page or you can contact us and we’ll recommend a solution that works best for your needs.

How to set up an API



Start programming using our API documents