Getting set up with TenantAlert is EASY!

  • Select a tenant screening package.
  • Enter your tenant’s name, email, and your rental property address.
  • Login or create a username and password.
  • Purchase the report with your credit card or bill your applicant.
  • Your tenant will be emailed a link to complete an online application.
  • Login to your account to view the results after your tenant completes the application.

If you want to get set up to get instant credit reports without contacting your tenant, you can underwritten with a major credit bureau. We recommend this if you own or manage 10 or more units. Learn More.

Questions? Call or Email Live Customer Support

No Setup Fees

Create a free account,
no minimums required.

Instant Credit Report and Score

You’ll get the results once your tenant releases their report to you.

Minimal Data Entry

Only tenant name, email, and rental address is required.

Bill Your Applicant Option

There is no need to collect an application fee from your tenant.