6 Qualities Good Tenants Look for in a Landlord

By 28th January 2015Blog

Property managers and smart landlords do a thorough job of screening prospective tenant applicants. They run a background check, perform tenant credit reports, check references, examine employment records, and many other things before renting out their property to a potential tenant. But, it’s not just landlords checking out their prospective tenants, tenants also look for certain qualities in landlords when dealing with them. After all, it’s not just landlords who need to choose tenants. Both landlords and tenants should choose each other to establish a cordial landlord-tenant relationship when renting a property.

Here are some important qualities that good tenants look for in a landlord.

Professional behavior and associations

Good tenants want landlords who are business professionals. They prefer landlords who take their business seriously and respect various virtues such as timeliness, cleanliness, proper documentation of all activities, and communicate clearly and effectively. Tenants also appreciate if you are associated with any professional associations. If you belong to any local or national apartment association, for example the American Apartment Owners Association, do mention it on your website. It will have a positive impact on your prospective tenants.

Good organization

Tenants are impressed when all processes are documented and paperwork is ready to be signed. Avoid telling your prospective tenants that you need to get back to them for necessary paperwork. Make sure you have lease applications, background check authorizations, move-in and move-out lists, receipts, emergency contact information, and other forms ready in time and you don’t fumble around looking for these documents. Yet another benefit of joining an apartment association is that they may provide these landlord forms to you free of charge or at a discount.

Great reputation

Make efforts to create and maintain a good reputation. Establish a good rapport with all your tenants. Never distinguish your tenants on inappropriate grounds. Make sure all your tenants are happy with your service. This way when your applicants asks former or current tenants about you they will get to hear all positive remarks about you and the property.


Reliability is an important factor that tenants look for in a landlord who runs a property management business. Make sure all your leasing office phones are answered promptly. If you are managing property management business singlehandedly, ensure you reply to all calls as soon as possible. If you miss any calls, call them back right away. Make sure all your current and prospective tenants can count on you when they need you.


Good tenants appreciate honest landlords and prefer to rely on them. Be truthful with your tenants at all times, even if you need to point out issues with the rental apartment. Investigate issues up front and make an informed decision quickly rather than spoiling your landlord- tenant relationship and not acting at all.

Good communication

Communicate with your tenants in a friendly, yet effective, tone. Have all possible professional lines of communication open with your current and prospective tenants. Welcome all inquiries and concerns of your tenants. If you establish good communication with your tenants, they will feel comfortable to talk with you about their queries and problems without any hesitation and complications.

If you have all these six qualities, you can have good tenants, who will cooperate with you during the tenant screening process, rent payment, and other procedures. It will help you manage your property management business smoothly and successfully without any legal troubles.